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Anglo-Chinese-Spanish in origen, flutist, pianist and harpsichordist, Ignatius Henderson, was born in Barcelona in a family of artists and intellectuals. His grandfather was the founder of the Straits Times of Singapore and his father, the painter and muralist Gerard D’A Henderson (see gerardhenderson.com).
He began studying piano and music theory when he was seven years old, in Barcelona, the city where he has done all his subsequent music studies. Gets elementary diploma and from 1987 studied piano with Angel Paulina, besides having taken master classes with Carlota Garriga. At sixteen he began studying flute with Barbara Lynn, Professor at the Musikhochschule in Stuttgart. Continuing his studies where he won the title of Senior Lecturer of Flute in 1987. From that time he’s been working with Claudi Arimany, in perfecting his technique for over ten years. He completed his training through various courses with JP Rampal and Maxence Larrieau.

His concert schedule has taken him to act in various parts of the Spain, as well as abroad, highlighting the recitals at the Victoria Concert Hall in Singapore (as the CD recording is titled) and the “City Hall” in Hong-Kong. The reception after the concerts promotes new concerts in the East, with great public and critical success.

In 1994, he recorded live a presentation at l’Ateneu Barcelonès with pianist Joan Massià released on his CD “Concert a l’Ateneu Barcelonès”. His first CD is titled “Romantic Flute”, with works for flute and piano of the Romantic era, and was published the following year.

In 1999, he lost all use of vision.

Through the Cultural Initiatives Fund of ONCE, was released in 2004 the CD “Evocation -Music for Flute & Guitar “, accompanied by guitarist Sebastián Gutiérrez, the artistic duo has composed and performed concerts throughout the Spanish territory and in the European Parliament in Brussels.

In 2010 he published his so far latest CD, called “Recital at Singapore Victoria Concert Hall” while finished recording a new CD for piano solo. He’s also preparing a new repertoire with Sebastián Gutiérrez for an upcoming CD as a duo of flute and guitar .

Through the Visual Catalunya Discapacitat Association, he edited the poetry and music CD “The llum of paraula”.

In 2013, he released “Piano Music, Vol. 1 “, his first album as a pianist.

5 thoughts on “About Ignatius

  • Hello Ignatius, you may not remember me as I met you when you were very little in Spain. My late husband, Bill Badams was great friends with your father Gerard and your mother, Maria, too. My deepest

  • condolences to you all for your father’s passing, I only learnt about it today. I would really like to get in touch with your mother again so please let me have her contact address or email address. I live in
    sydney and we met several times here years ago. I hope to hear from you soon. Barbara Badams

  • Dear Ignacio, A few years ago, I wrote to you about Australian flautist Jane Rutter, and you expressed interest in a concert tour of this country, along with a visit to Singapore…how are you and Laura, and what are your plans? I’ve met Barbara and Melissa Badams here in Sydney, a long while ago…any chance of your coming here? has any book been published about Gerard?

  • Hola, Ignacio, a bit delayed….I’ve lost your direct email address, but wanted to ask how you and Laura were faring after the Barcelona attack? I would love to host you, should you decide to do a tour of Australia; my modest flat could be your “gite”, and I would be happy to promote you with any publicity..I know you mentioned going to Singapore a few years ago, and you considered continuing on to Sydney…stay in touch, and all best wishes to you both, and Maria…abrazos, Helen Johnson-Jordan

  • I have a very early painting which I believe was done by your father, certainly the signature appears authentic. It is of a paper boy in Paris with Sacre Coeur in the background, oil on masonite. I have been finding it difficult to contact anyone about this – in one google entry it says ‘looking for owners of his works’ but cannot get through to any website. I am in Brisbane Australia, I have had the painting since 1977. Perhaps you can direct me to the appropriate site to enquire about the painting I am holding. With many thanks

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